Codes and Permits

One major function WEAN performs is to track permits issued by Island County and state agencies for proposed actions and developments. We screen the many applications and investigate those which appear to have a potential for adverse environmental impacts. If investigation shows our concerns to be correct, we comment on those permits, and ask the county or state to amend the permits to reduce or eliminate those impacts. WEAN was not able to stop two new mini-storage developments, but we were able to reduce their size considerably.

Another major function is to work with Island County to amend its Comprehensive Plan and ordinances to avoid damaging applications by closing loopholes.

  1. -ending the practice of allowing parcels to be subdivided if they are bisected by a public right of way.

  2. -strengthening the Critical Areas ordinance so that it actually protects streams, wetlands, steep slopes, and wildlife.

  3. -limiting urban scale development outside defined urban areas.

  4. -setting stringent standards for new mini-storage proposals.