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Alphabet Soup

AP = Airport (zone)

ASR = Application for Setback Reduction

BSA = Biological Site Assessment

CA = Commercial Agriculture

CAO = Critical Areas Ordinance

CGP = Clearing and Grading Permit

COHP = Conversion Option Harvest Plan

COV = Code Violation

Comp Plan = Island County Comprehensive Plan

CTED = state department of Community, Trade, and Economic Development

CZC = Certificate of Zoning Compliance

DNR = Washington Department of Natural Resources, the state agency which oversees logging and issues the permits

EDC = Economic Development Council

FIW = Field Indicator Worksheet

FPA = Forest Practices Act (RCW 76.09, WAC 222)

GMA = Growth Management Act

HOLI = Habitat of Local Importance

ICC = Island County Code

LM = Light Manufacturing

LOB = Logical Outer Boundary

LOS = Level of Service

NMUGA = Non-Municipal Urban Growth Area

NPDES = National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System

PLA = Plat Alteration

R = Rural

RA = Rural Agriculture

RAID = Rural Area of more Intensive rural Development

RC = Rural Center

RCW = Revised Code of Washington. These are the laws made by the legislature and signed by the governor.

RF = Rural Forest

RFI = Request For Information

RR = Rural Residential

RS = Rural Service

RUD = Reasonable Use Determination

RV = Rural Village

SDP = Shoreline Substantial Development Permit

SEPA = State Environmental Policy Act

SFR = Single Family Residence

SHE = Shoreline Exemption

SHP = Short Plat

SMA = Shoreline Management Act

SMP = Island County Shoreline Management Program

SPR = Site Plan Review

SWO = Stop Work Order

TRAX = a tracking system to identify endangered, threatened, or sensitive species on a site proposed for logging or development

UGA = Urban Growth Area

VAR = Variance

WAC = Washington Administrative Code. These are the laws which are created through “rulemaking” by the agencies which administer a particular RCW, and they support that RCW. In this instance the RCW is the Forest Practices Act, which says in general who is in charge and what sorts of things they are in charge of. The WAC then gives the specific rules in support of the general RCW.

WDFW = Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

WDOE = Washington Department of Ecology

WRIA = Water Resource Inventory Area. The state has been divided into a lot of WRIAs for salmon habitat and clean water purposes. All of Island County is in WRIA 6.

ZAA = Zoning Amendment (rezone)

ZCI = Zoning Code Interpretation


Island County Code Handbook